How does a website help my apartment community?

Don’t waste time. Don’t waste energy. When your apartment community has a website to manage all of those frequently asked questions, you save yourself, your staff, and your customers time and energy. Let’s face it, we all have better things to do than answer those questions.


How many times do you repeat yourself during the day? How many times a day do you respond to an email or a phone call with an answer you’ve given hundreds of times before? Your customers are asking the same questions over and over, how many times are you giving them the same answer? There’s an answer to YOUR question – “how many times do I have to say this?”

You only have to say it once. By putting the answers to all of those obnoxious questions on a community website, you’re giving your customers the ability to find the answers themselves. You’re giving them the tools they need to quickly answer their own questions. Which means, they’re not bothering you!

By letting a website work for you, a 24/7 resource, your website is your best employee and your easiest communicator. Customers have access to everything they need to know as soon as they can think to ask the question.

Your staff can easily update property photos and information regarding office hours with a few clicks. You can post applications and lease agreements with the touch of a button. You and your staff will save time and energy by keeping your customers informed early and often. When your customers have easy access to answers, they are well-informed, satisfied, and knowledgable. When your customers are satisfied, you and your staff get fewer complaints!

Your website can even have critical information, like an emergency maintenance number or frequently asked questions, to keep your customers prepared for the worst. In times of crisis, your customers are armed with information so they’re not calling you at all hours of the night. Well-informed customers make happy tenants. When your customers are happy, so is your property management company. A website is a great way make your property management company and your staff appear well-prepared and ready to meet your customers’ needs. We can help.

Steamroll offers low priced websites with the latest technology and regulatory compliance. Building your digital footprint in the online space can be daunting and, at times, challenging. We offer lifetime, customer support so you never go without your questions answered either!

Worried about updating your website constantly? We have an answer for that too. Along with the website, we have a virtual site manager that lets you and your staff update and make changes to things like property photos, office hours, and even printable, sharable property and community brochures.

We’re here to make this as easy as possible for you. We know you’re busy answering all those questions.

Call us today or visit our website for more information at A superior, affordable website for your community is within reach!

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